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Millie Rose, creater, young entreprenwer,

owner of Thing-a-ma-soaps

Hi. Millie Here. I love soap. No, I mean, I am obsessed with soap... like, I'm a soap addict. I think in colors and designs most of the time.  On the rare occasions that I'm not thinking about soap, I'm sewing or crocheting, enjoying my family, playing with my cat, spending time with friends, dancing or singing to my favorite tunes, and learning more about God.  Oh, and doing school....which takes me away from soap. But sometimes it actually helps me with my business goals, so then I get to think about soap AND do school, which makes me happy!

​I've always loved making things with my hands, and giving handmade items to people I love.  When I was 11, my grandma retired and I wanted to make her a really nice, meaningful gift, and during my search for ideas, I found hand crafted soap in a kids nature project book.  That sparked a dream, and Thingamasoaps was born.  With birthday money from my Great Grandpa, I bought my first soap making supplies, and began following my dream.  Since then, I've mastered many techniques in both glycerin (melt and pour) soap as well as cold-process soap making. Thingamasoaps are unique, colorful, inspirational, and nourishing. I make healthy products that are truly a work of art!